Quality Enhancement Cell

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is established under the regulations by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.
The QECs are quality assurance units developed at all public / private sector Universities to a focused attention on quality assurance aspect of higher education. These cells are required to develop and implement the measures of quality assurance with promises of quality enhancement to meet the international standards of higher education. The QECs will be operated by all public / private sector universities for execution of the quality assurance policies designed by QAA of HEC, Pakistan with uniformity of pace and standards. The QECs will be regulated, guided and monitored by QAA of HEC.

QEC Aims

Quality Promotion: The development of a program of activities to institutionalize a quality culture in higher education and a commitment to continuous quality improvement, and

Capacity Development: The development and implementation of initiatives to build and strengthen the capacity for high quality provision at institutional, learning program and individual levels.

Faculty Assessment: Measurement of the expected outcome/performance from individual faculty member through standard internationally evaluated and tested procedures after having provided the requisite teaching and research infrastructure and facilities.

Departmental Reviews: Measurement of the performance of each Academic Department/Institute/Center through conducting annual review based on the standard parameters set for this purpose.

Accreditation: Regular assessment and review of the institutes and colleges affiliated with the University of Peshawar in order to assure the quality of the teaching staff and the teaching and training provisions provided to the students

The objectives of the QEC are:
1.         Maintaining and enhancing the academic firmness and professional relevance of undergraduate and graduate courses.
2.         Improving the variety, strength and international recognition of research and scholarly activities.
3.         Ensuring appropriate standards, relevance and imparting of values to the satisfaction of the community and the nation.
4.         Providing systems for an efficient and effective utilization of the academic and research resources of the university.