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AllWorld Network (AWN) Partnership-Alliance

    AWN has partnered with City University of Science & Information Technology to launch and manage Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Program for growing enterprises in Pakistan to help them gain wider visibility on world fabric through AWN competitive rankings.

AllWorld Network (AWN) Inc. USA Mission:

        AllWorld’s mission to make visible ALL the scalable growth entrepreneurs of the emerging world, creating the largest information system and network of growth entrepreneurs.

        AllWorld Network Overview:

      AllWorld will give visibility to ALL the growth entrepreneurs of the emerging world including Pakistan.

      Emerging economies will be the century’s defining business opportunity: 

      AllWorld Network Inc. USA is building the annual Arabia500, Africa500, Asia500 (South Asia250, Pakistan100) and Eurasia500 programs to map the vastly expanding entrepreneurial world. The 500s rigorously discover and credential a new breed of entrepreneurs with a track record of success in growth markets.  This is the largest system to find entrepreneurs and bring them to world-wide attention – a system that thousands of market actors can leverage for growth, jobs and prosperity.
      There is no shortage of capital, but there is a shortage of information on emerging fast-track entrepreneurs.  This lack of information creates massive inefficiencies with capital chasing the same deals in the same markets, constraining growth and innovation.  This is the problem AllWorld is solving, and we do it through Visibility Economics.
      For more information on AWN and its programs please see

      Advantages of AWN Rankings:

    • Partner companies in ranking will achieve high recognition and be noticed fast.
    • Investors will support the ranking winner companies.
    • Many more jobs will be created.
    • An expanding base of entrepreneurs will be developed.

    Who Can Apply in Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Program:

    All the growing enterprises in Pakistan can apply and participate for competitive AWN ranking under Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Program.

    How To Apply for Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Program:

You can apply on line through

For Any Help in Application Process and about Application Status please send e-mail to Ibrahem AbuHijeh:


For General Inquiries send e-mail to Sarah Dodeen:


For Further Program Information and Up-coming Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Program' Inaugural Event in Pakistan please send e-mail to CUCSR: or call at +92-51-280 1276 - 80 Extension 103 or send Fax to +92-51-873 1946


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