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Executive Development Program


The main aim of the Executive Development Division is to organize and deliver customized training programs for the middle level managers and senior executives of the public and private sector. Further objectives of the EDD are given as follows:

              • Develop and design short terms courses and trainings for senior and executive level managers & professionals based on their Training Needs Assessment (TNA) 
              • Organize international certification courses
              • Design customized training for various tiers of senior management in the industry and corporate sector for their capacity building
              • Collaborate with international training and development organizations for arranging joint programs of capacity building for managers.
              • Arrange seminars, workshops and conferences on emerging trends in the professional and management education and provide a platform to the young professionals to interact with the veteran professionals and leaders in the public and private sectors for transfer of knowledge.
              • Plan and design online flexible training modules and develop the delivery platforms for dissemination of these contents as well devising reliable assessment tools for their testing.

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