Faculty of Architecture


Architecture is well-rounded educational programme. Here you will learn the skills and abilities required for creative, self-determined design work and academic study, preparing you for an almost endless range of professions and disciplines, nationally as well as internationally. Our bachelor's degree programmes in architecture provide a firm foundation for your future career & round off your education with courses that focus oncurrentaspects in the profession of architecture.

As one of the best architecture faculties in KPK, National & international professors and staff from reputed departments will guide and assist you individually on the path to successfully completing your studies.Our long-standing links and international exchange programmes with selected partner universities offer you the best possible conditions for gaining valuable academic and personal experiences abroad, providing you with an optimal basis for working as a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in renowned offices around the world and asa part of the international community.

As part of the City University, the department of Architecture and Sustainable Built Environment (ASBE), provides an environment that is wide-ranging and experimental, a place where onecan study and reinvent ourselvesand how we live over and over. A central aspect of studies is research-oriented and project-based design work - real design tasks and interdisciplinary experiments provide an elementary foundation. We aim to communicate architecture as a complex system of relationships that encompasses an understanding of history and theoretical back ground, design and reflection, experimentation and scientific analysis aswell ascraftand modern technology.