Department of Civil Engineering

The Department

Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2014 in order to meet the short and long term requirements of industrial/commercial organizations of Pakistan for graduates in Civil Engineering. Subsequent to the decision of the Board of Governors for starting the discipline of Civil Engineering, University improved its infrastructure in accordance with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) guidelines and developed purpose built Classrooms, Laboratories and allied facilities.


Before the commencement of the programme, Pakistan Engineering Council inspected the University?s facilities under its Zero Visit and gave prior permission to start its degree programme in Civil Engineering.


Mission Statement

The objective of the department is to provide Sate-of-the-Art education in Civil Engineering that enables new generation of Civil Engineers to meet the challenges of the future construction industry, promote a sense of scholarship, leadership and service to the mankind through creativity and innovations.



?                  The main aim of the B.Sc. Civil Engineering program is to produce globally competitive graduates for the construction industry of the whole world.

?                  The program is specially tailored for successful career in the Civil Engineering, equipped with latest academic knowledge, desired technical skills and attitudes, so that they can play an effective role in the socio-economic development of the country.

?                  The courses are prescribed in accordance with the latest guidance / framework of PEC / HEC which encompasses all the aspects of Civil Engineering discipline.

?                  Due focus has been made on Outcome Based Education (OBE) to make our graduates compatible with the demands of national and international job markets.


Learning Outcomes

The following outcomes spelled out in the Washington Accord and mandated by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will be progressively incorporated in the Program:

To acquire and apply fundamental principles of science and engineering.

?         Capability to communicate effectively.

?         Technical competence in specialized areas of engineering discipline.

?         Identify, formulate and model problems and find engineering solutions.

?         Investigation and research on engineering problems in a chosen field of study.

?         Sustain ability and Cost-effectiveness in design and development of engineering solutions.

?         Commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities.

?         Work effectively as an individual, and as a member/leader in a team.

?         Multi-skilled engineer with good knowledge and skills of management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

?         Social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities as an civil engineer.

?         Self-improvement trough continuous professional development and life-long learning


Scheme of Studies

Course work for earning degree comprises theory courses, laboratory courses and project. Courses offered to the students are selected by the Department from the given list of HEC / PEC approved courses.


During the 7th and 8th semester, students carry out group-projects and write project-reports. The project comprises of 3 credit hours (9 contact hours per week) in each semester, Grade ?I? (Incomplete) is awarded for the project in the 7th semester, which is converted into the earned letter grade at the end of 8th semester, based on student?s performance in both semesters.


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