I take the privilege to welcome you all to the Civil Engineering Department of CUSIT. Considering the importance of Civil and Environmental Engineering to the well-being of humans in the world in general and to Pakistan in particular, I feel honored and indebt at the same time to lead such an important department. I believe that the knowledge and expertise gained in such diverse fields of civil and environmental engineering as Water resources engineering, Structure engineering, Transportation and Geotechnical engineering etc., one is exposed to wealth of knowledge that is unequal in any other under-graduate program. This uniqueness does burden one with respect to doing justice with such responsibility. Thankfully, at CUSIT the support of motivated and qualified academic and administrative staff makes this burden easier to carry. As accredited program of Pakistan Engineering Council, CED has fully evolved it self to Output Based Education System, at the core of which is studentís excellence in all fields of civil and environmental engineering. Our courses are developed based on the provincial and national needs of the industry, with the help of renowned academicians and industrialists. The facilities at the department ensures that the tailor-made courses are effectively taught. The high percentage of our graduating students occupying important job postings rather quickly, is testament to our excellence. We hope that with each passing day, we are able to improve further our department and that we are able to bring change in our society through market/industry-based research and studies.