Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Utilization of plastic waste in manufacturing of plastic sand bricks

Reusing the plastic bottles as the building materials can have substantial effects on saving the building embodied energy by using them instead of bricks in walls and reducing the CO2 emission in manufacturing the cement by reducing the percentage of cement used. It is counted as one of the foundation’s green project and has caught the attention of the architecture and construction industry. Generally, the bottle houses are bioclimatic in design, which means that when it is cold outside is warm inside and when it is warm it is cold inside. Constructing a house by plastic bottles used for the walls, joist ceiling and concrete column offers us 45% diminution in the final cost. Separation of various components of cost shows that the use of local manpower in making bottle panels can lead to cost reduction up to 75% compared to building the walls using the brick and concrete block.