Faculty of Computer Science & I.T.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to educate the youth with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical & practical concepts of computer science through a rigorous course work and equip them with the technological tools to meet the challenges in their professional career or in pursuit of advanced degrees in computer science.


Objectives Computer Science

Computer Science degree programme aims at preparing the students to achieve the following career and professional goals.

?         To equip students with modern trends in the field of computer science, through courses in the areas of Networks, Data Mining and Data Warehousing, Software Engineering and Quality Assurance, Graphics and Game Programming, Image Processing, E-commerce ets.

?         To have a solid understanding of computational theory and foundational mathematics.

?         To have substantial exposure to advanced topics in software and computing systems, operation systems and advanced architecture.

?         To prepare students to conduct research in computer science with advance training/workshop in selected areas.

?         To equip the students for the industry as well as for higher degree in computer science.

?         To ensure a broad based educational foundation that prepare them for leadership roles along diverse career paths and advanced positions in the computing profession.


Objectives Software Engineering

Software Engineering degree programme aims to produce well-rounded graduates who should:

?         Be able to understand and apply principles of software development and evolution.

?         Be equipped with practical knowledge, techniques and skills involved in Software Engineering.

?         Be able to analyze, design and develop high-quality software solutions.

?         Be able to plan, develop and manage large software using state-of-the-art methodologies.

?         Be able to specify, abstract, verify and validate solutions to large-size problems.

?         Should have Strong academic base in order to pursue careers in local and international I.T industry.

?         Be prepared for the rigor of graduate studies in computing for continuing education through formal or informal methods.


Learning Outcomes

The students who earn the Computer Science or Software Engineering degree will be able to:

?         Apply concepts, techniques and skills that is required to develop and build large modern software systems.

?         Effectively utilize various technological skills of Computer Science and Software Engineering with teamwork and collaboration.

?         Demonstrate competence in applying the tools and techniques of Network, Database Systems, Multimedia Technologies and Software Engineering.