Department of Electrical Engineering

Mission Statement

To produce well-trained and qualified Electrical Engineers, through high quality class teaching, laboratory work, and original research utilizing facilities available ate the university.



?            To Strive for Excellence with values.

?            To produce graduates with a strong foundation in engineering and basic sciences.

?            To produce graduates who can apply their knowledge effectively.

?            To produce graduates with highest level of professional ethics.

?            To prepare the students for advanced learning & research in the field of Electrical Engineering.


Learning Outcomes

The Electrical Engineering programme will provide basic preparation for a career in the discipline of Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering students will have an educational foundation that prepares them for leadership roles along diverse career paths in the following fields:

?         Telecommunications and Digital Signal Processing

?         Electronics

?         Industrial Control & Automation


Undergraduate Programme

The undergraduate programme offers a 4-years degree in ?Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering? with following streams:

?         Specialization in Telecommunication Engineering

?         Specialization in Power Engineering

The degree program is covered with state of the are courses designed by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and in accordance with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Guidelines. Laboratory work is done with theoretical courses to illustrate important concepts and provide practical demonstration to students. The laboratories are well equipped with the related courses requirements.


The Bachelor?s degree curriculum provides exposure to a wide spectrum of basic knowledge in Physics, Mathematics and Computer, followed by an intensive coverage of the principles of Electrical Engineering, both in the class-rooms as well as in the laboratories


Scheme of Studies

Course work for earning degree comprises theory courses, laboratory courses and project. Courses offered to the students are selected by the Department from the given list of HEC/PEC approved courses.


During the 7th and 8th semesters, students carry out group-projects and write project-reports. The project comprises of 3 credit hours (9 contact hours per week) in each semester, Grade ?I? (Incomplete) is awarded for the project in the 7th semester, which is converted into the earned letter grade at the end of 8th semester, based on students performance in both semesters.


B.Sc. Elec (Telcom / Power) | B. Tech (Elec) | MS (Elec) | Ph.D (Elec)