The beginning of the 21st century has brought significant changes to the business environment whereby academia has found itself under constant and overwhelming pressures to meet the changing market demands and Pakistani market is no exception. This is the time when domestic markets and products are facing challenges such as entry of large multinational corporations; pressures for innovation; regulatory compliances; exports; and efficient operations etc. Department of Management Sciences at CUSIT was established with the aim to fill the gaps at various fronts through producing a cadre of management graduates who are capable enough to understand and respond to the dynamism of the domestic and global markets. The department is offering a diverse array of undergrad, graduate, postgrad management programs such as BBA; BS Accounting and Finance; B.Com; M.Com; MBA; and Master of Science in Management Sciences; and Ph.D. in Management Sciences. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty who always adhere to the departmental objectives and broader mission of the university. A state-of-the-art learning environment is provided to students with the ambition to develop a rich experience. Apart from all the facilities offered at the campus, the department is committed to flourishing research culture and so far, the faculty has significantly contributed in terms of valuable research publications. The department has its own research journal which has been given "Y" category by HEC. In nutshell, I strongly recommend department of management science at CUSIT as the best learning place to all those who wish to play their part in competitive marketplace.