Recent Work


The increasing demand of power for consumers can be met by utilizing both the renewable as well as non-renewable energy resources. Among the renewable energy resources, wind energy is the second largest source, which is used for the conversion to electrical energy. Due the variation in wind speed, the output voltage and power of the wind turbine is not constant. Some loads are too much sensitive to the variation in voltage, obtained from the stator of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). In this paper, a new model is proposed and modelled in MATLAB/Simulink using buck-boost converter connected at the input of lithium-ion battery charging system (LIBCS) to compensate the continuous variation of wind to reduce the fluctuations of the output power of wind turbine. The parameter of wind turbine along with our proposed model including buck-boost converter and battery are change such that to achieve the stable output from the system. The model is very effective regarding the reduction in output power fluctuation which leads to very best substitute for local grid user to use this green energy technology. The results are discussed with and without buck-boost converter. To get constant output using buck-boost converter.