Recent Work

Maximum Power Point Tracking using Cuk Converter

This thesis presents an optimized controller for non-isolated DC-DC CUK converter for constant voltage applications. CUK converter has inverted voltage polarity at the output, however, it operates on the principle of capacitive energy transfer and uses inductors on both sides of the switch to reduce current ripple. MOSFETs are used as a switching device in low power and high frequency switching applications. It may be noted that, as the turn-on and turn-off time of power transistor (MOSFET) are lower as compared to other switching devices, which reduces the switching losses. High frequency operation of MOSFET reduced size of filters components. These converters are now being used for various applications, such as Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) etc. The thesis attempts to present parametric variation analysis of buck-boost converters for constant voltage output. The project is aimed to be used for providing regulated output and display the outputs continuously on voltmeters. The system uses Arduino controller controlling PWM and also used for displaying PWM data.