Professional Development Program

The Office of CDC now offers the Cultivating Excellence in Teaching Credential to graduate students who attended workshops, complete a critical reflection, and attend a consultation with a staff member from the Center for Teaching. The Graduate Teaching Committee is excited to partner with the Center for teaching to host a reading group working through pedagogical issues relating to the classroom. Graduate fellows are experienced graduate student instructors who collaborate with Center for teaching staff members to learn the fundamentals of workshop design. The Office of Academic Support delivers a wide-range of services to students, faculty and administration. It is our goal to foster satisfying experiences that lead to student success and persistence, understanding that effective student outreach leads to a strong student success program. Academic Support counselors help students with most issues they may encounter, including:
1) Concerns about their academic performance
2) Understanding academic procedures and policies
3) Assistance to freshmen (or any student!) on navigating the university environment
4) Help with developing an academic plan
5) Assistance in finding and utilizing a peer tutor
6) Assistance in identifying interest areas with exploratory students
7) Assistance with the change of major process