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About Technology Department

To produce technologists with excellence in technical qualities to serve the nation.

To provide, students with high-quality education and training required to fully develop their professional qualities and skills.
To develop their personal and technical potential to the greatest extent possible to pursue higher studies.
To provide technical solution to problems and serve the people and society of KP and Pakistan for their socio-economic development.




In this technological environment, the attainment of technical education is becoming an essential goal of the youth. CUSIT is a place for those who want to pursue higher education and career as technologist and the most preferred destination for the be

Civil Engineering Technology Program Education objectives:

PEO-1. Successfully practice in Civil Engineering industry.
PEO-2. Basic knowledge of construction practices for better supervision of construction projects.
PEO-3. Be able to supervise and communicate in the field.
PEO-4. Strive for the improvement of society using Engineering practices.

Electrical Engineering Technology Program Education objectives:

PEO-1. Be technically competent electrical engineers, equipped with high quality of education and skills.
PEO-2. Provide effective solutions for contemporary and future technical challenges in electrical engineering by gathering and utilizing knowledge and skills to contribute in socio-economic development.
PEO-3. Be sensitive to ethical and societal aspects while undertaking an engineering task; individually or in a team.
PEO-4. Demonstrate life-long learning, to improve their professional capabilities for personal fulfillment and for the betterment of society.

Our Programs

Department offers following Programs

B-Tech Civil

B-Tech Civil