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    FAZAL E SUBHAN received B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan, in 20015. He's currently perusing his Master degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from U.S Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, UET, Peshawar, Pakistan. He has been to Arizona State University (ASU), USA in 2018 as a Research Exchange Scholar for semester long duration. He worked in Holman Research Group which is member of Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Cells Technologies (QESST), Eyring Energy Material (EEM), Nano Fabrication (NanoFab) and Optoelectronics and energy material lab in school of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at Ira. A Fulton school of Engineering ASU, USA. He got certificates of "Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and "Energy Policy and Sustainability" from ASU. His research interests include optoelectronic modeling of photovoltaic devices, photonics Nano technology for light management in third generation solar cell, renewable energy materials & technology modeling, smart energy grid, power electronics and electrical machinery.