Greetings to all who visit this page! We thank you for being with us in our virtual space. The fact that you are visiting our page shows that you care for higher education, your university, and your University graduates; we thank you for that too.
For us education is not just successfully completing the requirements of a degree program, and get good grades. We believe in educating our students in a manner so that they can put their education to practical use. For us, it is all about making a difference not just in the life of our graduates, but in reaching out to the communities around us. We believe that our graduates should celebrate the diverse life they have around them, and see how they can improve upon it wherever they are. It is only through reaching out to others that we can turn our society and country around. For us the measure of our success is not just in achieving good grades, but in making a difference in the lives of others. We all ought to think about how we can help ourselves and those around us. We owe it to our people, our society, and our country.
Our alumni are our pride. While we make conscious efforts to stay in touch with them, I request them to visit us in person or virtually every now and then. Tell us how we can build a better campus for your successors, and how we can improve upon things. You were and will continue to be part of our family which I propose to call "City Family." Let us know what you think of my proposal of calling our alumni, "City Family."
We want to hear from you; we want to talk to you; we want to celebrate you. We want our bond to continue to grow.

Mr. Muhammad Sabur Sethi