Recent Work

Feasibility and Analysis for Deployment of DC Micro Grid in Small Scale Power Systems

Electricity is an essential commodity for the development of a country. Direct Current (DC) micro grid is one of the promising techniques and plays a vital role in distribution power generation. In this work, we explore a DC small scale network for control conveyance while considering City University of Science and Information Technology (CUSIT), Peshawar as a contextual investigation. Alternating Current (AC) conveyance is viewed as a simple route when contrasted with DC appropriation for long separations. Today greatest burdens at the conveyance side are utilizing DC control; in this way DC dispersion is being considered as other option to AC appropriation. DC small scale lattice at the conveyance side has additionally extraordinary focal points of utilizing sustainable power sources straightforwardly, for example, photovoltaic. The proposed DC small scale network is researched as a contextual investigation by contrasting and the current 220V AC framework with the DC dispersion framework for CUSIT, Peshawar. In this work, we analyze AC and DC circulation framework regarding effectiveness and cost investigation. The outcomes demonstrate that DC small scale lattice is more effective in term of cost when contrasted with the AC miniaturized scale matrix.