Thematic Areas

Power and Control Research group

Power systems engineering is a subarea in electrical engineering that studies the generation, distribution and control of electric power. In controls we make the major comprehension of how to empower mechanized practices of smart devices. The power framework focuses on points, for example, feasible energy, control stage, transmission and control, control devices, and electrical drive frameworks. The business open doors for electrical power backgrounds engineers incorporate sun based and wind energy creation, high voltage DC (HVDC) control transmission, understanding network execution, and electric automobile structure. The electric grid is currently going through a drastic transformation into what is known as Smart Grid. In short, the digital technology that allows for two-way communications between the electric utility and its customers, and the sensing along the transmission lines is what makes the grid smart. A smart grid is more efficient, more resilient to disruptions, and more suitable to support integration of renewable generation resources, such as wind and solar, and other energy resources such as large battery energy storage systems.