Thematic Areas

Coating Analysis With Applications

The coating of devices through nanofluid for heat transfer enhancement.
The experimental and theoretical study for the thermophysical properties of nanofluids.
The goal of the abovementioned topics is to address challenges and current issues that either advance the state-of-the-art of experimental, numerical and theoretical methodologies or extends the bounds of existing methodologies to new contributions related to coatings and thin film containing whichever, magnetic, multiphase, material science, nanotechnology, surfaces, interfaces and mechanical sensing properties.
Nano coatings have applications in many industrial fields, such as the aerospace and car industries, medical implants and instruments, metal industry for equipment and tools, chemical and food industries, etc. Depending on their application, nanocoatings may be required to be hard, to protect the underlying substrate, elastic, or, for medical applications, biocompatible. Further, the magnetic materials and their applications can be simply broken down into hard, soft and recording materials based on markets. There are full of thin film magnetism for magnetic recording field. The current perpendicular-, and future heat-assisted- magnetic recording media, the monopole writer consisting of soft magnetic film and underlayer, and the read sensor and memory based on tunneling magnetoresistance are all thin film devices.