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Vice Chancellor Message for library

The unique function of libraries is to acquire, organize, offer for use and preserve available material irrespective of the form in which it is packaged (print, cassette, CD-ROM, digital / electronic, network form,) in such a way that, when & where it is needed, it can be found and put to use. Libraries are especially important now when the whole idea of education is stressing more and more independent learning and acting"

Books and Library resources play pivotal role in sharing, dissemination and creating of knowledge. The 21st Libraries are providing many services to the students, faculty and general public. The Library building of the CUSIT in the main Campus has been designed in a very attractive and unique way. The rich collection of books, research journals , magazine and newspapers, give students and faculty a unique opportunity to read these resources for developing sound theoretical and conceptual background. Every year huge investment is being made for acquiring and dissemination of these library resources, but its effective utilization can only be guaranteed, if the faculty members and students make it their holistic responsibility to take benefit of the library resources.


CUSIT-brary E-bulletin

This CUSIT-brary E-bulletin has been started with the aim to inform the faculty members, staff and students about the new arrivals at the library, the details of various research magazine and department wise utilization of the library resources by faculty members and students. Every year the best student reader and best staff leader will be selected to give them shields of excellent readership in the annual performance awards. Besides it, a brief about a department and their library resources will be given, so that the faculty members and students can know about the relevant library resources. A section to reflect the faculty publications in national international journals has been added. To promote book reading in University

Library Events