Recent Work


The increasing demand of power for consumers can be met by utilizing both the renewable as well as non-renewable energy resources. Among the renewable energy resources, wind energy is the second largest source, which is used for the conversion to

Feasibility and Analysis for Deployment of DC Micro Grid in Small Scale Power Systems

Electricity is an essential commodity for the development of a country. Direct Current (DC) micro grid is one of the promising techniques and plays a vital role in distribution power generation. In this work, we explore a DC small scale network for

Maximum Power Point Tracking using Cuk Converter

This thesis presents an optimized controller for non-isolated DC-DC CUK converter for constant voltage applications. CUK converter has inverted voltage polarity at the output, however, it operates on the principle of capacitive energy transfer and

Comparative Analysis of HVAC and HVDC Transmission Line

Electrical power needs to be transmitted over longer distances from generating stations to load centers for distribution to the consumers. In orders to transmits power at longer distance better transmission system is required it may be HVAC or HVDC

Feasibility and Profit Analysis of Integrated Distributed Generation using Sensitivity Based Factor Method

The small-scale technologies used for the production of electricity located closer to the load being served in this era is known as Distributed Generation (DG). These technologies often consist of renewable energy generators which provide low cost