Topics For ICETEMS-2014

Following are the suggested themes for ICETEMS 2014. However, the submission is not restricted to the provided themes of this conference. The authors are encouraged to submit their papers relating to Engineering, Management and Science fields.

Electrical Engineering

1.       Renewable energies and technologies
2.       Semiconductor devices and sensors
3.       Wireless sensor networks
4.       Embedded system and software’s
5.       Automation and control system
6.       Artificial intelligence and neural networks
7.       Power electronics and power drives
8.       Power system reliability and security
9.       Power system and its optimization
10.   Signal processing

Civil Engineering

1.       Structural Engineering
2.       Water Resources
3.       Nano Materials
4.       Sustainable Built Environment
5.       Green Building Material
6.       Building Information Modeling (BIM)
7.       Safety Management in Construction
8.       Modern Project Procurement Methods

Computer Science

1.     Artificial Intelligence.
2.     Role of emerging technologies in disaster risk management.
3.     Biomedical imaging & image processing.
4.     Bio informatics & computational biology.
5.     Emerging trends in infrastructure design for new vertical cities. 
6.     Cloud computing & crowd sourcing?
7.     Network measurement and management.
8.     3G, 4G, Mobile communication.
9.     Ethics in information and engineering

Management Sciences

1.    Management Strategy
2.    Financial Management
3.    Human Resource Management
4.    International Trade and Globalization  
5.    Organizational Behavior
6.    Project and Quality Management
7.    Entrepreneurship

Mathematics and Computation

1.       Algebra
2.       Analysis
3.       Geometry
4.       Fluid Mechanics
5.       Optimization

English and Applied Linguistics

1.       Technical report writing/ project writing skills
2.       Capacity building for professionals for effective communication


1.       Online/open and distance learning for engineering and management professionals
2.       Outcome based education for professionals
3.       Quality assurance in learning management system (QEC)